Make sure you get the right answers from your analysis.

Facing an analytical challenge, you might want to consult us for help with solving this. It could be discussion obtained results or to get access to analytical techniques not available in your lab.

We have a team that is experts in qualitative and quantitive applications of mass spectrometry, and we have a solid background in biochemistry, analytical chemistry and organic chemistry including synthetic methods and reaction mechanisms.

We have worked with structure elucidation of natural products, peptide sequencing, trace analysis, pharmaco-kinetics, polymer analysis, identification of byproducts from syntheses and more.


Years of Experience in analysis

Make sure you get the right answers from your analysis.

We have experience with analytical procedures employing most of the commonly available mass spectrometric methods and instruments, including their associated chromatographic techniques.

Besides our professional knowledge in analytical lab equipment, we are dedicated to customers’ success and know what’s needed to be successful.