Mass Spectrometer

Hyperions Hi MTT is a Research Grade MALDI-MS/ MS instrument, incorporating some of the most advanced performance and design features of any mass spectrometer. The Hi MTT is the result of an accumulated knowledge base. It offers rapid and accurate single scan seamless MS/MS analysis. The design combines high resolution peptide mass fingerprinting and peptide sequencing by uni or bi molecular fragmentation. The instrument is equipped with a 2D sample stage (including 96/384/1536-well format) for high throughput automated analysis.


Mass Spectrometer

Dual Time of Flight Mass Analysers : linear and ideal reflectron Novel Ideal Field reflectron design enabling seamless MS/MS in a single scan Unique 2-D sample stage with fast change over and precise positioning Integrated sample viewing camera and laser optics to give maximum control of experiments Advanced acquisition and control electronics capable of operation with high repetition laser frequencies High stability and automatic calibration for maximum precision in peptide measurements


Long lifetime low maintenance fast electron multiplier detection system as standard for linear operation Fast hybrid multiplier detector as standard for reflectron operation giving high gain, large dynamic and linear range for improved system performance


Full control of all MS parameters Data acquisition and data reduction program Automated sequence programming for batch operation Integrated camera and viewing software Report generator Database search of both peptide map and PSD data The system comes network ready